Weight Management

Weight Management:

We perform completely individualized weight-management care for our patients. We provide education and guidelines on important topics such as portion sizes and work-life balance. Our staff assists patients in obtaining their goals. In certain cases, medication will be offered.

Our team recommends the following resources:

  1. choosemyplate.gov
  2. Diet/fitness tracking applications

Weight Management Throughout Pregnancy:

Weight management throughout pregnancy is a truly individualized process. Weight loss may be healthy in pregnancy. Assessment of weight gain during pregnancy depends on factors such as the patient’s current weight and nutrition/lifestyle habits.

Current ACOG guidelines recommend:

  • Those with a pre-pregnancy BMI under 18.5 should gain 28–40 pounds.
  • Normal-weight women (BMI, 18.5–24.9) should aim for 25–35.
  • Overweight women (BMI, 25–29.9) should aim for 15–25.
  • Obese women (BMI, 30 or more) should gain only 11–20.
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