Pregnancy & Obstetrical Care

Pregnancy & Obstetrical Resources

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Pregnancy & Obstetrical Care

Hospital Affiliations

The Comprehensive Care Center physicians provide patient care through their affiliation with the following hospitals that serve the northern New Jersey region:

A Wide Range of Obstetrical Services

Abnormal Thyroid Levels in Pregnancy: We educate our patients on proper thyroid levels during pregnancy, and screen patients for hyperthyroidism. We work in conjunction with primary care providers or endocrinologists in order to provide optimal medical treatment.

Breech: Although our providers have experience in all forms of breech delivery, we highly recommend cesarean section for this condition.

Ectopic Pregnancy: We carefully monitor hormone levels in patients who experience ectopic pregnancy. Our doctors have vast experience in performing laparoscopic surgery. We also offer medical management in patients who are good candidates to avoid surgery.

Exercise & Nutritional Counseling: Our staff educates patients on the importance of proper nutrition throughout pregnancy. We discuss wellness recommendations, such as caloric intake and exercise tips based on ACOG guidelines. We also refer to the la leche league and other resources when indicated.

Gestational Diabetes: We have extensive experience in treatment of this condition. Our staff provides healthy eating and active living strategies for patients with gestational diabetes in order to maintain the health of mothers and babies. We have protocols to monitor mother and child in order to prevent many complications that are commonly associated with this condition. Our outcomes are reputable.

Intrauterine Growth Restriction: We perform fundal height ultrasound screening throughout pregnancy in order to monitor the baby’s weight. If IUGR is diagnosed, we work in conjunction with primatologists to optimize fetal growth and timing of delivery.

Maternal Anemia: We educate our patients on proper iron levels based on up-to-date ACOG guidelines. Our team performs individualized assessment in order to accurately prescribe iron/vitamin supplements. We schedule patients for routine check-ups in order assure adequate health status.

Nausea and Vomiting Affecting Pregnancy: The first step is an evaluation of fluid status, medical conditions that cause nausea such as gallstones/thyroid disease, and effects on maternal health. We have a multidisciplinary approach to nausea and vomiting throughout pregnancy. Many times we work in conjunction with other specialties such as gastroenterologists. We begin with changes in diet and daily routines. If nausea/vomiting is refractory to behavioral recommendations, then we prescribe medication. If the condition is refractory to medical management, then we have the ability to begin home IV services and total parenteral nutrition.

Placenta Previa: We work with perinatologists to develop a plan for optimal management, timing of delivery and counseling of patients who have placenta previa. Our goal is to manage bleeding. We monitor our patients for improvement with serial ultrasound.

Postpartum Depression: Our staff works with patients on both medical healing and the challenges of adding a new member to the family. Our strength is in offering our patients a feeling of comfort. We provide patients with basic coping skills, and if indicated, medication. We refer patients to mental health professionals if deemed necessary. We believe that mental illness is caused by chemical imbalances, which should be treated the same as any other medical condition.Breastfeeding: We strongly believe in breastfeeding. We support mothers throughout the challenges typically associated with the first few months of this process, and provide education based on current ACOG guidelines. We strive to make breastfeeding as underwhelming and enjoyable as possible for the mothers we treat.

Preconception Visits: Our team appreciates when patients visit Comprehensive Care Center during the planning phases of pregnancy. At your preconception visits, future mothers can expect discussion on topics such as patient health history, medication intake and prevention of birth defects. We focus on the health of the mother, because we firmly believe that healthy mothers make healthy babies.

Preeclampsia: We screen specifically for symptoms of preeclampsia by providing routine blood pressure and urine testing throughout pregnancy. If complications arise, we provide individualized treatment.

Pregnancy Visits: During the initial prenatal visit, we expect our patients to be available for one hour. Together, we review your plan of care, which is individualized for each patient based on her age, pregnancy, and experience of previous pregnancies. Our partners, Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine and Saint Clare’s Maternal Fetal Medicine Services perform detailed ultrasounds and other imaging services.

Screening for Pregnancy-Related Genetic Disorders: We screen for single-gene disorders and chromosomal disorders. We also conduct carrier screenings.We work in conjunction with highly qualified genetic counselors. Our staff contacts patients immediately with results.