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Our physicians have extensive experience with patients under age 18 and understand that pediatric gynecology poses specialized challenges. We pride ourselves on keeping current with the latest developments in the treatment of pediatric gynecology patients. We know that it is difficult to differentiate the disease processes from what are sometimes normal symptoms of adolescence such as irregular menstrual cycles, mood swings, and painful menses. We work through these with a comprehensive history and physical exam (and some lab testing if necessary) to determine if and when treatment is actually indicated. We do NOT routinely give medications to pediatric gynecology patients who have irregular menses if they do not have evidence of hormonal imbalance and do not need birth control for other reasons.

We are also well prepared to handle some of the delicate situations that are present in patients such as establishing a gender identity, dealing with bullying or abuse, and eating disorders. We have a multidisciplinary team and we partner with other professionals to provide a comprehensive treatment plan.

Our staff is very caring and supportive to our younger (pediatric gynecology) patients and they take extra time to explain the procedures to both the patient and the parents. Our physicians regularly complete continuing medical education in pediatric gynecology. We do NOT necessarily perform a pelvic exam for pediatric gynecology patients and if necessary we offer the exam under anesthesia if unable to tolerate a pediatric gynecology exam while awake. Every patient is treated as an individual and your individual needs are respected.

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