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Lifeline Medical Associates Patient Portal

Lifeline  Medical Associates originated in 1997 by a group of 30 forward thinking OB/GYN physicians in Morris County. These physicians recognized that our healthcare system was in trouble and decided to take action.  Private practicing doctors were struggling to find the time and resources to give their patients the personalized, high quality care they wanted and needed. They had the choice of watching the system fail or taking action. They chose to take action by forming Lifeline Medical Associates. We aligned our individual practices, took advantage of our combined 1000 years of medical experience and used our pooled resources to invest in sorely needed medical information technology to protect and improve our patient’s care.Wmns_Alliance

Lifeline has grown to over 100 physicians and practitioners by adding like-minded doctors and their practices throughout NJ. They believe in the mission of high quality, affordable care for all women. Lifeline provides care for over a half a million women in NJ, one patient at a time.

As a patient, you continue to receive the same personalized care from your own doctor comfortably in their office. Now with the power of Lifeline supporting your doctor to insure that your care is the best it can be.