Obgyn Clinic in Morriston Hospital

We strive to offer the best prenatal care in the Morristown area.  If you are looking for a doctor to manage your pregnancy care then we recommend that you learn more about our Comprehensive Care Center Morristown Prenatal Program.  Unlike other practices, we are usually able to accommodate newly pregnant patients with an appointment within 2 business days after they call with a positive home pregnancy test.  We believe that early evaluation  of pregnancy reduces the need for surgical management of ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, and other complications and gives the best options for future fertility.  We individualize care but many of our patients will have hormonal bloodwork and Ultrasound done in early pregnancy to confirm a viable gestation.  In most cases we are able to perform the Ultrasound in our office but some patients can go to Morristown Memorial Hospital Department of Radiology, Atlantic Health Maternal Fetal Medicine, or another outside radiology facility for the early scan.

At the first visit we also take a complete history and start to individualize a treatment plan for your pregnancy.  The Comprehensive Care Center provides mostly Obgyn care but we have a close relationship with other medical specialties in the Morristown area and many of the Atlantic Medical Group practices.  We refer patients as needed and our physicians do hospital rounds at Morristown Medical Center if you need hospitalization for vomiting in pregnancy, management of pregnancy complications, or non pregnancy related health problems.

We also work closely with the Morristown Memorial Hospital Emergency Department and we manage pregnancy related symptoms there including but not limited to heavy bleeding in early pregnancy, severe abdominal pain, and excessive vomiting.  If our pregnant patients are in need of Emergency Room Services at Morristown Memorial Hospital, then we will also follow along to ensure that all medications that are administered are evaluated for risks vs benefits in pregnancy.

After the confirmation of pregnancy visit and Ultrasound, we perform a longer initial pregnancy visit.  We tailor our discussions to those patients who choose Morristown Hospital for Labor and Delivery so that we discuss specific instructions for that hospital.  We also discuss nutrition and exercise.  The patients who over or under weight may be referred to Nutrition counselling at Morristown Medical Center.  We give a list of recommended over the counter medications for common pregnancy symptoms.  We also review the schedule for testing in pregnancy.  Some tests such as the Nuchal Translucency Testing which is performed after 11 weeks gestation can be performed in the outpatient setting across the street from Morristown Memorial Hospital at the Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine Department.  Our physicians have access to these reports and will respond accordingly when abnormal results are obtained.

We recommend our Morristown Prenatal Program patients have their Level 2 Anatomy Ultrasound around 20 weeks at the Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine outpatient office.  They also offer Chorionic Villi Sampling, Amniocentesis, and other procedures if they are indicated for your pregnancy.  The Atlantic Maternal Fetal Medicine specialists who perform these ultrasounds are also available to our physicians for consultation at the time of delivery if needed for high risk situations.
Most of the patients who decide to have their prenatal care at the Comprehensive Care Center Morristown Prenatal Program will deliver at Morristown Medical Center Labor and Delivery.  We offer the option to labor in the tub, use a birthing ball or a peanut ball, or position with a squatting bar during the pushing phase.  Pain control options at Morristown include Nitrous Oxide pain management, Epidural Anesthesia, and IV pain medications.  We also recommend these patients take the Morristown Medical Center Department of OBGYN Childbirth Preparation Classes.  They include a tour of the Morristown Medical Center Labor and Delivery and Maternity areas.

Morristown Medical Center has an Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Program and the residents will be actively involved in the care of the patients who choose the Comprehensive Care Center Morristown Prenatal Program.

If you would like more information about the Comprehensive Care Center Morristown Prenatal Program, you can call our office at 973-831-2777.
If you would like more information about the amenities available at the hospital, visit the Atlantic Health Webiste   https://www.atlantichealth.org/conditions-treatments/maternity.html

To schedule a tour for Morristown Maternity Center please visit this website   https://www.atlantichealth.org/conditions-treatments/maternity/maternity-center-tours.html