Even if the weather outside is frightful, don’t let it keep your winter pregnancy from being delightful.

The cold winter months can be brutal. And it brings with it unique challenges you’ll face during your pregnancy.

But beating those blah winter days is easy with a little know-how under your maternity belt. There are ways to stay warm, cozy, and use this time of year to your advantage.

Let’s look at several ways to beat the cold weather blues and enjoy your winter pregnancy.

Wear Comfortable Layers

The surge of hormones during a pregnancy can leave you feeling freezing cold one-minute, roasting hot the next. The roller coaster makes it difficult to know what to wear.

That’s why dressing in comfortable, stretchy layers is best. You can pile on the layers when you get chilly. Or you can take them off as you heat up.

It’s the perfect way to regulate an ever-changing internal thermostat.

Natural fabrics tend to breath better. Cotton, fleece, or wool are ideal in the cold winter months.

Invest in Quality, Non-Slip Shoes

As your belly grows, the weight added to your front leaves you a bit wobbly on your feet. And when you factor in slick sidewalks, it’s a recipe for disaster.

Don’t go outside without wearing good, quality, non-slip shoes. This can be a pair of boots or sturdy athletic shoes. Just so long as they give you good traction on slippery surfaces.

As a bonus, find a shoe that’s insulated well to help your feet stay warm and toasty.

Buy a Coat That Fits

It may be tempting to put on last year’s coat and leave it open in the front. But that won’t keep you as warm as you need to be.

A maternity coat is best, though they can be expensive. And while the thought of forking over money for something that you’ll only wear one season isn’t the greatest, there are solutions.

Look for a coat that cinches at the waist, like a trench coat. Buy a maternity 3-n-1 coat that’s designed to last past your pregnancy. Think outside the box and shop for warm capes or ponchos.

For even more savings, look through thrift stores. Ask to borrow a friend’s maternity coat. Or find a place that rents winter coats.

Keep Yourself Healthy

Pregnancy packs a punch to your immune system. Especially during the second and third trimester. So doing what you can during the winter months to stay healthy is important.

Be sure to get a flu shot. Regularly wash your hands to protect yourself from germs. And carry hand sanitizer with you when you don’t have access to a sink.

Getting plenty of rest is also key to keeping you healthy. Cuddle up in a warm blanket and take a nap.

Get to Baking!

Whether it’s the holidays or simply time for a warm treat, the winter months are always a great time to get in the kitchen and bake up a storm.

And when you’re pregnant, hungry, and cold? It’s even better.

Use it as an excuse to get in your kitchen and bake up all your families favorite treats. The oven will heat up the house and keep you feeling toasty.

Keep Yourself and Your Winter Skin Hydrated

Winter has a way of drying you out like none other. Skin becomes dry, cracked, and itchy. And you can become dehydrated yourself, causing the amniotic fluid around your baby to go down.

So there are three things you need to remember this winter: hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Use mild soap on your skin. Splurge on creamy, moisture-rich lotions, oils, and body butters to hydrate itchy skin and prevent stretch marks. And don’t forget about your lips, always have a tube of lip balm on hand.

The heat in your home dries out the air. Replenish the moisture by using a humidifier.

And don’t forget to drink plenty of water. Pregnant women should aim for drinking around six to eight 8-oz glasses of water every day.

Don’t Shovel Snow

We know that’s unlikely to hurt your feelings. But a winter pregnancy is a valid excuse to leave the chore of shoveling to someone else.

That’s because a pregnant body has loose joints and separated muscles. And shoveling involves too much lifting and twisting, which increases the likelihood of an injury. Plus, you could slip and fall.

Leave the shoveling up to a family member. Or hire a neighborhood kid to take care of it. Instead, you stay inside warming up with a cup of hot cocoa.

Take Advantage of Indoor Activities You Love

Staying inside when it’s cold and miserable out may feel like a recipe for cabin fever. When in fact, it’s a perfect time to get some things done!

Use the opportunity to keep yourself in shape and centered with pregnancy yoga or Pilates.

Give in to your nesting instincts and get everything ready for baby. Decorate the nursery, organize the house, and prepare meals you can freeze and eat later.

Or use the time to do things you won’t have time for when the baby arrives. Such as catching up on your Netflix shows, pampering yourself with home spa treatments, or cuddling up with your favorite book.

Get Your Groceries Delivered

The last thing you should be doing is carrying heavy bags AND doing it on slippery surfaces. Save yourself from injuries and a sore back by using a local grocery delivery service.

You’ll be able to order your items from the comfort and warmth of your home. Plus, you’ll discover how convenient the service really is. Something that may come in handy even after your baby is born.

Stay Warm and Let Your Pregnancy Glow This Winter Season

Old man winter now has nothing on you. Tis the season to stay warm, cozy, and make the most of your winter pregnancy.

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