Meet Nikki!

The team at Comprehensive Care Center is sad to see Nikki Mahendru leave but we’re excited to see all she can accomplish throughout her four years at Duke University. Nikki will be majoring in Global Health and Economics; while following the pre-med path! She is particularly interested in researching the cultural biases in healthcare; focusing primarily on how cultures impact the way patients receive care but also how patients care for themselves. When Nikki isn’t studying she spends most of her time running, a database of short, engaging videos, created to connect South Asian children with their culture and heritage. With the help of her brother, she has produced, narrated, and edited 60+ short stories after coming across the unmet needs for an engaging medium for South Asian children. Other than that, her time is split between running, volunteering at the local hospital, tutoring, and hanging out with her friends. We’ll miss you Nikki but we can’t wait to hear about all the great things you’ll do at Duke! See you next summer!